The `cort` Package is now on Cran !

The cort package is now on cran ! The cort package provides S4 classes and methods to fit several copula models: The classic empirical checkerboard copula and the empirical checkerboard copula with known margins, see Cuberos, Masiello and Maume-Deschamps (2019) doi:10.

Cort research

Construction of non-parametric copula estimators

Reserving with the MBMCL package

After working on a bootstrapping framework for the Mack model, with a one-year point of view and with several triangles to bootstrap jointly, i decided to put some of my code into a litle package, mbmcl.

My actuarial thesis is online !

My actuarial thesis got published online there This work took me a little more than one year to do, an was dealing with non-life reserving in solvency 2 context for the french decenial insurance contracts.

mbmcl - Multi-boot Mack chain-ladder

A simple package that implement a one-year bootstrap in the Braun model, with extension to a mutli-year reserving case (french decenial insurance). Work done in the framework of my master thesis.

EstimateCopula Shiny App

A shiny app that estimate and give some statistic about a bivariate copula given a bivaraite dataset.

Estimation of PDD

Some code do estimate a PDD in certain solvency II settings, corresponding to a Numerical technics exemple in insurence.

Around the Hull-White short-rate model

Après avoir rappelé la dynamique du taux court, sa solution dans le modèle Vasicek, ainsi quelques considérations à propos des processus d'Ornstein-Uhlenbeck, nous nous interessons au modèle à un facteur : le modèle de Hull et White. Nous en …